Committee Members

Lesley Bogad, Feinstein School of Education and Human Development (co-chair)

Maureen Reddy, Faculty of Arts and Sciences (co-chair)

Hedi BenAicha, James P. Adams Library

David Blanchette, School of Management

Jason Blank, RIC AFT (Local 1819)

Travis Escobar, Student Community Government

Donna Huntley-Newby, School of Nursing

Manon Nery, Council 94

Sue Pearlmutter, School of Social Work

Ronald Pitt, Administration

Hannah Resseger, Alumni/Community

Ann Roccio, Professional Staff Association

Lisa Smolski, Office of Research and Grants Administration

Marissa Weiss, Student Activities

Bin Yu, Management Information Services

Page last updated: August 14, 2009