If you are an active student or have graduated within the past year, you can submit requests for official and/or unofficial transcripts through MyRIC.

All other requests must be made in writing and sent to:

RIC Records Office
600 Mt Pleasant Avenue
Building 4-- Lower Level
Providence, RI   02908

Adobe PDFTranscript Request Form - Please include your full name, social security number, where and when you took the class(es). Please sign and date the request.

When submitting a request for an Official Transcript:

Include the complete mailing address to which the transcripts will be sent. Official transcripts may be sent either directly to the receiving institution or to your home address. However, be advised, if official transcripts are mailed directly to you, they must be forwarded to the receiving institution sealed.

When ordering multiple copies, be aware that there is a maximum of 10 copies per request.

If you wish to have your transcript held either for grade or graduation posting, indicated your intention in the "Select Processing Options" field.

When submitting a request for an Unofficial Transcript:

Keep in mind that unofficial transcripts are meant only for personal or advising purposes and may contain some "advising" information that will not appear on your official transcript.

In addition, unlike an official transcript, they do not contain the College seal or official signature and will not be accepted by other institutions or employers as proof of enrollment or graduation.

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Page last updated: July 12, 2013