Gerontology Program

The Interdisciplinary program leading to a Minor or Certificate in Gerontology consists of 6 courses and is intended to provide a systematic grounding in the study of aging. While the requirements are the same for undergraduate, graduate and continuing education students, undergraduate matriculating students of Rhode Island College who successfully complete the requirements of the program will be awarded a MINOR in Gerontology; non-matriculating or graduate students will receive a Certificate in Gerontology.

Please download the Adobe PDFGerontology Interest Form and submit it to Dr. Filinson if you may be interested in pursuing a gerontology certificate.

The gerontology program has the following 4 major learning objectives:

  1. Describe the physical and mental health changes that accompany aging, both senescent and pathological in origin
  2. Understand the general patterns of aging in the U.S., including intracultural variations; the major social issues affecting the aged; and how empirical research provides this information
  3. Discuss the laws, programs, and policies that specifically impinge on the aged population in the U.S. and cross-cultural variations in the structure of services and benefits to older adults.
  4. Be able to apply gerontological knowledge to an applied setting in which services or advocacy to the aged population is provided.


Karina Salazar, Harold D. Sweet award in gerontology winner, 2014, with the Sweet family.

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