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Q. Where do I pay my tuition bill?
A. Tuition bills are paid through the Outside LinkBursars office located on East Campus in Building 4.

Q. Where do I go to find out who my advisor is?
A. Outside LinkMy RIC connect Under my academics tab

Q. I do not have an advisor, who do I go see for help with picking classes?
A. Contact the Outside LinkAcademic Advisement Information Center (AAIC), located in Outside LinkOASIS. The center serves as official advisor to students who have not yet declared a major or who have not yet been accepted into the Feinstein School of Education and Human Development.

Q. Where can I go to get Microsoft Office installed on my computer?
A. You can get it installed in Outside LinkCampus Card or the Outside LinkRIC website.

Q. Where can I go to send outgoing mail on campus?
A. In the blue US Postal Service mailbox in front of Roberts Hall.

Q. Where can I go to get a parking pass/permit?
A. Outside LinkCampus Police in Browne Hall Lower Level or Outside Linkonline

Q. I’m looking to get a job on campus, where can I go to get help finding one?
A. Visit the Outside LinkCareer Development Center which includes Student Employment or login to Outside LinkDestinations

Q. My email is not working, where can I go for help?
A. Outside LinkUser Support Service

Q. Where can I request an official transcript?
A. Outside LinkRecords Office located in Building 4 or online

Q. Where are ATM’s located on campus?
A. There are two Outside LinkHigher One ATM’s on campus; the first located in Browne Hall lower level near Outside LinkCampus Police and the second in the Outside LinkStudent Union first floor near the elevator. There is also Outside LinkCitizen’s Bank ATM located in the entryway of the Outside LinkStudent Union second floor, lobby level.

Page last updated: Monday, June 8, 2015