Available Services

We Can Provide

  • Web assistance for Faculty and Staff - Useful for providing course material, resource information, and professional and personal background to your students and colleagues.
  • Department-level web site development and maintenance - A valuable tool for RIC academic and administrative departments to present information, links to faculty/staff lists, and contact information
  • Templates, images, and guidelines for web development - Designed to help ensure that the entire RIC internet presence is consistent and professional
  • Generic form submission processing and data storage - Even if you design a website yourself, we can still provide a generic form submission email and database solution
  • Web application development
  • Maintenance of RICalendar, the college's web-based calendar.

We Do Not Provide

Who May Request a Website?

Most faculty, staff, RIC academic and administrative departments, organizations and projects officially sponsored, supported, or sanctioned by the College are eligible to have a public web site. This website can be designed by Web Communications, or the individual or group may design it themselves.

We do ask, regardless of who develops a site, that all websites hosted on RIC web servers adhere to the college's web policy.

For more information about Rhode Island College's web standards, click here.

Page last updated: Friday, July 12, 2013