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An Intranet is a collection of networked resources designed for use within a single organization.

Intranets may use all of the same technologies as the Internet (e.g. web pages) but access to them is limited to a single physical location.

See also: Extranet, Internet
Internet, The:
The Internet is a massive collection of connected networks and devices which communicate with one another.

For many, the Internet simply indicates the World Wide Web; the web, however, is just one of many types of services and information exchange systems that work across the Internet.

See also: Extranet, Intranet
Internet Explorer:
Microsoft's Internet Explorer is still the most commonly used web browser available. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS based computers.

Unfortunately, the Windows version of Internet Explorer has lagged behind in standards support for the web, even as the Mac OS version has moved ahead.

See also: Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Web Browser
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