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Hypertext Markup Language. The language used to 'mark up', or define, elements on a page for display on the World Wide Web.

See also: XHTML
For more information visit: http://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp
A Hyperlink is a word in a web page which refences, or links to, another web page. It is the ability to link pages together which defines the structure of the World Wide Web.

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The protocol which controls how web pages are retrieved from servers across the Internet.

A hub is a simple networking device which allows multiple computers to interact. Hubs are essentially "dumb", and do not manage, optimize or restrict the flow information across the network in any way.

Every device attached to a hub receives every piece of data that is transferred through the hub, even if the devices are not neccessarily 'interested' in that data.

See also: Router, Switch
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