Personal Purchases

A number of vendors have offered to sell personal computers, mobile devices, and related service programs to RIC faculty, staff, and students at rates discounted below the normal published prices. As a convenience to the campus community, the College has placed links to several personal computer vendors below. For mobile device and service contract discounts you should check with your local vendor of choice.

While the personal computer vendors linked below are authorized to offer competitive pricing based on master price agreements or other discounts, the College makes no warranty or endorsement as to any specific vendor or the products or services being sold. Faculty, staff, and students are free to make personal computer purchases from other sources and may obtain access to the College's master software agreements through the Campus Card program.

The College strongly recommends that all purchases include a minimum manufacturer's warranty of three years. In order to access these sites, we recommend the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer as the browser and you will need your RIC network username and password.

Click here for faculty/staff purchases

Click here for student purchases

Page last updated: Friday, March 20, 2015