Diversity Week

11th Annual Rhode Island College Diversity Week - October 5 - 10

The Rhode Island College divisions of Students Affairs and Academic Affairs join The Unity Center to invite your participation in the eleventh annual Rhode Island College Diversity Week.

Microsoft WordProgram Proposal Submission Form - Deadline: Friday, August 21, 2015

Description:The purpose of RIC Diversity Week is to provide shared learning opportunities designed to increase awareness, disseminate knowledge, and develop skills & perspectives that will strengthen the campus community, broaden our understanding of diversity and inclusiveness, and promote mutual respect.

Programming:Of particular interest are programs that have the potential to involve a wide audience of faculty, staff, and students in learning through interaction and meaningful dialogue.  Importance should be placed on engaging participants in positive learning opportunities that focus on equity and inclusion by relating to the varied experiences, values, and opinions that arise from differences of culture and other circumstances. These differences might encompass socio-economic status; ethnicity, sexual orientation; racial identity; national origin; language; gender; age; disability; religion; and other group distinctions. Programs may include but are not limited to lectures, coordinated classroom activities, workshops, films, music, fine and performing arts.  Faculty support and participation is integral to the success of the week we urge your participation by:

  • offering campus wide lectures,
  • co-instruction,
  • focusing on multicultural topics or diversity issues in classes meeting during the week,
  • arranging for classes to participate in scheduled activities.

All programming will be free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.

Submissions: All submissions from students, faculty, staff and community agencies & organizations are welcomed. Complete the program submission form below and return to The Unity Center (DDC room 14), unitycenter@ric.edu or by fax at 401.456.8821.  Program proposals require a brief description of the ideas or concept and the desired format. The Diversity Week 2015 coordinating committee requests timely submissions to ensure proper inclusion on the Diversity Week Calendar and/or other marketing materials.

Assistance, Volunteers and Sponsors:If you choose not to submit a program proposal, we welcome your help in supporting Diversity Week as an important community building initiative at Rhode Island College! If you wish to become involved in any way please contact the Rhode Island College Unity Center (456-8791).

Page last updated: August 7, 2015