Chalk & Wire Training Workshops


These workshops will take place at the beginning of each semester. When the workshop dates are made available, you will be notified by the FSEHD. You can sign up for a session by emailing with the necessary information.

Remember, if you are unable to attend a workshop, you can always schedule a one-on-one meeting by emailing

Supervisor and Cooperating Teacher Workshops

Getting Started

These workshops are specifically for faculty assessing student teachers. Assessors will learn how to access the rubrics for their student submitted work and other details that would be specific to their program.

Collaboration Workspace and Advisor Groups

This workshop will go through the Collaboration tool which allows teachers and their students to collaborate on proposed work without submitting it to be assessed. It will also go over how to create an advisor group which allows supervisors and cooperating teachers to view each others assessment of their student teacher.

Email if you would like to attend any of the above workshops.