Committee on Student Life Annual Report

Standing committee of the council of Rhode Island College

Prepared by Mark Anderson (Chair)
Date: June 12,2008

Members of the Committee

Natalie Sahba Management 2009
Michele Siskind Nursing 2009
Bob Castiglione Philosophy 2008
Mark Anderson English 2008
Scott Kane Student Life 2008
Teresa Brown Resident Life 2008
Gary Penfield VP Student Affairs ex officio
Danielle Lavendier Graduate Student 2008
Corey DeSimone Student 2009

Meeting Dates

10-9-07, 11-14-07, 2-13-08, 3-19-08

Review of Committee Activities with Discussion of Major Issues

This year the committee continued to focus on the impact of the increased number of residential students on the campus. Individual meetings focused on the new residence hall, the dining center, scheduling, the National Survey of Student Engagement, and campus security and safety. Further details can be viewed on the attached minutes of all meetings.

Decisions Approved and Actions Taken

The committee compiled a list of recommendations as a result of meetings with various campus services, which is attached to this report.

Resolutions to Council

None this year.

Specific Recommendations to New Committee

  • Continue to focus on the impact of the increase in residential students on campus and address their needs
  • Encourage departments to address problems identified in the National Survey of Student Engagement, especially "high impact activities" in freshman and senior years.
  • Continue to seek alternative and varied ways to solicit student feedback regarding the quality of student life.
  • Be persistent with recruitment of students for the committee and support their involvement. One student, Corey DeSimone, a senior, will be returning next year. His email is (where he checks most often).


The Committee had a productive year and the support of all members is appreciated.

Implications of Current State Fiscal and Personnel Agreements on the Actions of the Committee

None that the chairperson is aware of.

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