Marketing Services

Student organizations are provided with 300 FREE points to use for orders throughout the school year. Any additional orders over the 300 points will be billed to the student organization. Account balances can be viewed anytime through the online points tracker. Student organization can also check the status of their requests through the order progress sheet.

ollege departments are provided with 1 FREE order per semester. Any additional orders will be billed to the department

All services have a two week turn around - no exceptions.
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SA Marketing Design Services

Description Size Points Printing PDF of Design Provided
Digital Banner Displayed on the TVs in Donovan and the Student Union. 1280 x 720 pixels 30 Yes
Printed Banners Standard Printed for various uses for student organizations 40 x 72 in 50 1 copy provided Yes
Table Banner Use whenever you want people to know whose table it is. 28 x 60 in 50 1 copy provided Yes
Door Sign Put one on your office door so we know where to find you. 48 x 36 in 50 1 copy provided Yes
Posters Standard Large sized poster 22 x 28 in 35 1 copy provided Yes
Foam Core Mount Mount your poster on sturdy foam core. 22 x 28 in 40 1 copy provided Yes
Stand up cut-out Large foam core stand up with a unique shape of your choice.   50 1 copy provided Yes
Flyers Standard Flyers featuring your event or gorup information. 8.5 x 11 in 35 1 copy provided Yes
Half-sheet Same as regular flyer except you cut the paper in half to make two flyers. Great for handing out on the quad. 4.25 x 5.5 in 30 1 copy provided Yes
Posting Service We will post 20 flyers for you on campus is you ask for this option.   20    
Brochure Can be use to inform others about your organization in more detail Please have info you want inside ready for designers. 8.5 x 11 in (folded in one third a sheet of paper) 30 1 copy provided Yes
Skybridge For use on the skybridge connecting Donovan and the Student Union. Charge is per window space with a maximum of three windows per design. 42 x 40 in 40 per window 1 copy provided Yes
Just Design Logo Logos vary in price due to differences in time it takes to design them.   75 & up   Yes
T-Shirts Please contact your T-Shirt printer for color and design limitations prior to placing and order with us.   50 & up   Yes
Free Items Table Tents Advertisements displayed on tables around campus. 4 x 6 in FREE with order Printing and posting done by SA Marketing Yes
Restroom Signs Displayed in restrooms 8.5 x 11 in FREE with order Yes
DIY Buttons Create up to 15 buttons. 1 1/4 in FREE with order Yes
SA Briefs Emailed advertisements sent to the entire student body   FREE with order  

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