• In December 2009, each vice president will bring the draft plan to his/her divisional leadership team for further discussion.  Each division will discuss the plan as a unit, because these divisions will be responsible for carrying out the various elements of the plan.  Each division’s specific yearly activities will move the college forward toward achievement of the plan’s major goals.
  • By January 31, 2010, Vice President Pitt will receive and incorporate the feedback from each division.
  • By February 28, 2010, Vice President Pitt will provide the final draft to the entire campus for comment.
  • By March 13, 2010, President Carriuolo and the President’s Executive Cabinet will finalize the draft and bring it to the Council of Rhode Island College for endorsement.  Information arising from the NEASC reaccreditation self-study may affect elements of the final plan, as might information learned in the master planning (facilities) process.  The planning processes should all be aligned.
  • By April 1,2010, President Carriuolo will seek the Board of Governors’ approval.
  • By May 1,2010, the plan will be finalized, and an operational plan for 2010-2011 will be drafted.  The yearly operational plan will appear on the template used for the past two years as a way of determining specific annual plans designed to carry out Plan 2010.

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