Committee Members

Lesley Bogad, Feinstein School of Education and Human Development (co-chair)

Elisa Miller, Faculty of Arts and Sciences (co-chair)

Tish Brennan, James P. Adams Library

Clare Creamer, School of Nursing

Kevin Fitta, Physical Plant

Liz Garofalo, Feinstein School of Education and Human Development, Professional Staff Association

Jen Giroux, Office of Professional Studies and Continuing Education

Antoinette Gomes, Unity Center

Praveena Gullapalli, RIC AFT

Nic Hardisty, RIC Graduate Student

Chris Hourigan, Institutional Research and Planning

Mary Riley, Council 94

Sue Pearlmutter, School of Social Work

Kyla Pecchia, RIC Alumna

Ronald Pitt, Administration

Robert Santurri, Jr. RIC Undergraduate Student

John Smith, Jr., Rhode Island Board of Education, RIC Alumnus

Robert Smith, Jr., RIC Undergraduate Student (alternate)

Lisa Smolski, Office of Research and Grants Administration

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