Mild / Moderate Disabilities, Secondary Level

Course No. Course Title Credits
Open Only to Students Majoring in Elementary or Secondary Education
SPED 300Introduction to the Characteristics and Education of Children and Youth with Disabilities4
SPED 310Principles and Procedures of Behavior Management for Children and Youth with Disabilities4
SPED 311Language Development and Communication Problems of Children3
SPED 312Assessment Procedures for Children and Youth with Disabilities4
SPED 424Assessment/Instruction: Adolescents with Mild/Moderate Disabilities 4
SPED 427Career/Transition Planning: Adolescents with Mild/Moderate Disabilities 3
SPED 428Student Teaching at the Secondary Level10
SPED 440Collaboration: Home, School, and Community3
SPED 458Mathematics/Science for Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities4
Note: Students majoring in secondary education with a special education concentration must also take MLED 330.

Total Credit Hours


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