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2007 Wall Street Journal Award

The Department of Economics and Finance is proud to announce that the winner of the 2007 Wall Street Journal Award is Brad Simonds. Brad first enrolled at Rhode Island College in the Spring of 1994 and over the next five years accumulated forty-two credit hours with a very unimpressive GPA of 2.2. During this time his daughter was born and his full-time production job in a semiconductor plant was outsourced to Mexico. After a second semiconductor production job was outsourced to the Czech Republic, with the support of a loving wife, Brad decided to return to RIC full-time to study Economics. Since his return his two sons have been born, and he has achieved a very impressive GPA of 3.8. This May he will graduate with a double major in Economics and Finance; this summer he will be taking the Level I exam toward becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst; and he has landed a job as a pension analyst with the Angell Pension Group.

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