Gerontology Conference

April 27, 2011
Food, Fitness, and Falls among Older Adults

This conference covered the topics of nutrition, fitness, and falls among older adults and the connection between them. Participants became aware of the special nutritional needs of seniors; explore fitness issues for this population; learn about the incidence, costs, at-risk population, and medical issues associated with falling, as well as how to fall-proof a home, demonstrate exercises to improve leg strength, and identify resources and referrals points for at-risk elders; and understand the holistic theoretical approach to wellness and aging gracefully.

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Participants at the April 27th Food, Fitness, and Falls

Jean Tapely presents on fitness at April 27th gerontology conference

Lisa Procter presents on holistic healing at April 27th gerontology conference

Patric McCormick presents of falls at April 27th gerontology conference

Carol Cummings presents on food at April 27th gerontology conference

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