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Life after High School: A Guide for Students with Visual Impairments

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As you move forward in school, you will start to hear the term "transition" mentioned with increasing frequency. Simply put, the term means "moving from one phase or place to another." As a student, your first real transition will involve moving from the world of school into adult life: it's a time to begin thinking about careers, transportation, accommodations, finances, post-secondary training, and adult living arrangements.

This guide is focused on employment and career planning. Career opportunities for young people with visual impairments have increased tremendously in recent years, and careful planning is important to maximize the opportunities available to you. You can use this guide to get started on the path to a job that's right for you.

What You Can Do in Middle School to Prepare for Employment
Middle School Guide: (WORD) 1.17 MB | (PDF ) 98 kb

What You Can Do in High School to Prepare for Employment
High School Guide: (WORD) 1.03 MB | (PDF ) 94 kb

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