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Electronic Newsletters and LISTSERVS

RIVESP Pathways
Archived Issues

RIVESP Pathways is an electronic newsletter for teachers, parents, students, and anyone interested in what's going on with services and activities for students with visual impairments in RI. This quarterly newsletter will keep you connected and informed about the latest innovations, research, and best practices related to the education of our students with blindness and visual impairments, including transition to life after high school.
We will also link you to local resources, inform you about the new Expanded Core Curriculum and share stories of RI's children, youth and adults with visual impairments.
Click here (electronic > form) to join.

TRANSNETRI: Rhode Island Transition LISTSERV

TRANSNETRI is a LISTSERV for educators and professionals involved with secondary transition. TRANSNETRI allows members to receive current information on transition via e-mail. Members may also post transition related questions or ideas to the list and reply to members.
Click here (electronic form) to join.

THEWORKSEN: Rhode Island Employment Disability E-News

THEWORKSEN is a LISTSERV to communicate with adult employment service providers, educators and professionals involved with transition related employment, and others interested in the meaningful employment of persons with disabilities. THEWORKSEN is an announce-only list.
Click here (electronic form) to join.
THEWORKSEN is disseminated at least once per month. If you would like to post an announcement to the list, email Vicki Ferrara,

THELINK: Rhode Island Early Intervention News
Archived Issues

THELINK is your connection to Early Intervention, CEDARR Family Centers and community partners that serve children with special healthcare needs and their families. THELINK is a LISTSERV to communicate with Early Intervention Providers. Each issue provides highlights of local and national resources and information on learning opportunities and local supports groups. Members receive a quarterly issue of The LINK newsletter and periodic announcements of upcoming events and new resources.
Click here (electronic form) to join.
If you would like to post an announcement to the list, email Leslie Bobowski

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