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Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities, 600 Mount Pleasant Avenue, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI 02908, 401-456-8072
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How To Join

Prior to the start of a new Cohort, the Sherlock Center typically hosts an informational session on PBIS. The Sherlock Center invites interested schools and/or centers to send a small team to the session (i.e., administrator, school psychologist, special educator, and/or regular education teacher). Participation in the session by a district, school or center is required in order to apply for membership in the Cohort.

School or District-wide PBIS

The following is a list of Readiness Requirements a school or district must meet to join a PBIS Cohort. The Sherlock Center shares complete details at the applicable informational session.
  1. Documentation of the dates on which PBIS was extensively discussed with faculty/staff.
  2. Documentation of the dates on which PBIS was extensively discussed with the school parent organization/s.
  3. A representative "Leadership Team" which must include (a) administrator, (b) teacher representatives, (c) behavior specialist, other school personnel representatives (teacher assistant, social worker, school psychologist, guidance counselor, nurse), (d) parent representative
  4. Commitment of the Leadership Team that PBIS will be one of the school or center's top priorities for the next three years and will be reflected in the School/Center Improvement Plan
  5. Commitment that the entire Leadership Team will participate in identified training days for three years.
  6. Commitment that the Leadership Team will meet at least monthly.
  7. Designation of an "Internal Coach" who will participate in additional training
  8. Commitment to collect related data including:

Early Childhood PBIS

Commitments from the Early Childhood Centers are similar to those required by K-12 schools (see above). Team sizing and data collection tools/systems are different.
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