Resident Student Handbook

Many of the policies set forth by the Office of Residential Life and Housing are included in the Resident Student Handbook. Different from the Student Handbook issued by the College, the Resident Student Handbook offers information unique to students living in the resident halls on campus. Adobe PDFClick here to download a copy. 

Some of the more common policies are listed at the left.

Housing and Dining Center Contract

Adobe PDFClick here to download a copy of the 2016-2017 Housing Contract

Adobe PDFClick here to download a copy of the 2017-2018 Housing Contract 

Housing Rates for 2017-2018
Hall Type Housing Cost Dining Cost Total Cost
Browne Single $6,916 $4,753 $11,335
Penfield Double Room Suite $7,014 $4,753 $11,767
Penfield Single Room Suite $7,238 $4,753 $11,991
Penfield Double Room Apartment $7,466 $4,753 $12,219
Penfield Single Room Apartment $7,697 $4,753 $12,450
Sweet Double $6,916 $4,753 $11,669
Thorp Single $6,582 $4,753 $11,335
Weber Single $6,582 $4,753 $11,335
Willard Double $6,582 $4,753 $11,335
Willard Single $6,767 $4,753










 Application for Release

The Housing Contract is for the entire academic year. Students can cancel their Housing Contract prior to July 15th for upcoming academic year may receive up to $100 back from their deposit with no additional penalty.

The Housing contract is an entire academic year contract; residents may not be released from their finical responsibility.  Students can apply for an appeal after the July 15th deadline; however, the student may be held responsible for the entire year contract if the appeal is not granted.  

Application for Release for the 2016-2017 academic year.  Application MUST include additional appeal paperwork.

Application for Release for the 2017-2018 academic year.  Application due by July 15, 2017 without additional appeal documentation.

Students are required file proper paperwork with the Office of Student Life to officially withdraw from the college. Please contact the Office of Student Life at (401) 456-8061. Located in Craig-Lee 119.

All paperwork and additional documention can be submitted via:

In Person at Office of Residential Life and Housing located in Penfield Hall, use the side entrance (northside of building closest to College Rd.)

Office of Residential Life & Housing
600 Mt. Pleasant Ave.
Providence, RI 02908

Faxed to (401) 456-8501

Email to housing@ric.edu


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