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A message for current resident students

Dear Resident,

The Governor of Rhode Island, Gina Raimondo, has issued a Stay-At-Home Order for all who reside in Rhode Island. This includes all residents of Rhode Island College. As you know, you have been approved to remain in the residence halls of our campus because you have an extenuating circumstance. Due to the heightened state of the coronavirus, this is now considered a privilege. Our goal is to keep you as safe as possible. Therefore, by remaining in residence at Rhode Island College, you are agreeing to the Governor’s terms of the Stay-At Home Order. More specifically, this means:

You must stay in your assigned room as much as possible.

  • The only reasons you should be leaving your room are
    • to retrieve food from the dining hall
    • to do occasional laundry
  • The only reasons you should be leaving campus are
    • for an occasional quick trip to the local grocery store
    • for an occasional quick trip to the local pharmacy
    • if you are still working, you are required to notify the Office of Residential Life
  • You are to take extreme caution if you must go off campus.
    • wear a nose and mouth covering (a mask, scarf, bandana, t-shirt, etc)
    • wash your hands or use hand sanitizer immediately upon entrance of the building

Gatherings of any kind are prohibited.

  • You must socially isolate in your rooms
  • You are encouraged to use social media to stay connected
  • Guests of any kind are prohibited

In order to ensure your safety, we will be completing daily checks of the use of all resident student ID access. Residential Life & Housing staff will also be ensuring compliance with the Stay-At-Home Order.

We are in a critical time period of this virus, and it is imperative that everyone follows the rules to minimize risk to yourselves and your other community members.

If you feel any symptoms of illness, you MUST contact Health Services at 401-456-8055.

If you require emergency assistance, or are locked out of your room M-F 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., contact Campus Police at 401-456-8888.

If you require non-emergency assistance, or are locked out of your room after 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, or 24 hours on a weekend, contact the RA on call at 401-265-3392.

Thank you.

Page last updated: April 06, 2020