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​College Withdrawal/Leave of Absence

Student Withdrawal Information (Undergraduate)

  • A student may add or drop one (1) or more courses during the first two weeks of the semester without any consultation (i.e. without permission). Courses will be removed from the transcript and the student is not financially responsible for these classes. (For more information on add/drop visit this link).
  • A student may withdraw from one or more courses, with permission of instructor, after the last drop date until two weeks following the due date for midterm grades. View Academic Calendar for exact dates. After this date, a grade other than W must be given. W is no longer a final grade option.
  • Beginning fall 2020, students are limited to a total of 5 W’s until they graduate. Students who are eligible and approved for a leave of absence (grade of W/L) or military leave (grade of W/M) will not have those grades counted towards the W limit.
  • Multiple W’s on a student’s transcript may impact Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and a student’s ability to receive financial aid in the future. See the Financial Aid website for more information on SAP guidelines.
  • Requests for a retroactive withdrawal from all classes after the last day of class require a petition to the Academic Standing Committee

In general, tuition charges and financial aid follow these guidelines:

Weeks 1- 2

No Charges

If financial aid dispersed, may have to pay back any refunds

Weeks 3 - 4

Charged 50% of tuition and fees

Financial aid is prorated to withdrawal date; may still have to pay a balance

Weeks 5 – 10 or 60% of the semester

Charged full tuition and fees

Financial aid is prorated to withdrawal date; may still have to pay a balance

11-end of semester Requires approval from both Student Life and Academic Dean

Charged full tuition and fees

Full financial aid package is awarded

How to Request a College Withdrawal

To request a College Withdrawal, a student must contact the Records Office in advance unless unforeseen circumstances prevent the student from doing so. When a student requests a College Withdrawal, the student will be asked to complete a College Withdrawal form and will be required to indicate on the form the reason for withdrawal and the expected date of return. The student must authenticate the form, which will be considered an official request. The student will be provided with the terms of the policy and the necessary steps for return. The student will then meet or speak with Financial Aid to review the effects that the student’s withdrawal has on their financial aid and loan repayment, if applicable.

Once approved, the Records Office will notify and do the following: the Records Office will place a notation in MyRIC; the Dean of the student’s School (who will notify the Chair of the appropriate academic department and the student’s academic advisor); the professors of the courses in which the student was enrolled; and any other relevant office. Note: a hold will placed on the Student’s account if the leave is medical or administrative.The student must contact a staff member in the Records Office to request that the hold be lifted upon return. It may be necessary for the student to meet with additional College personnel, including their academic advisor, to register for courses.

The effective date of the withdrawal used for calculating the student’s bill and any refunds will be the date the form is submitted by the student to the Records Office. Please see the College’s refund policy for more information.

Quick Links

Undergraduate Request for College Withdrawal (Plan to Return to RIC) - Click Here.

Undergraduate Request for College Withdrawal Official (Do not plan to return) - Click Here.

Student Withdrawal Information (Graduate Students Only)

Graduate students requesting a leave of absence will need to first contact their advisor or program director. Final approval shall be determined by the appropriate Academic Dean. To initiate the process please complete the form – available HERE. This form should be submitted to the appropriate advisor or program director followed by the Academic Dean. Please contact only if you have further concerns or questions.

Impact of College Withdrawal

Withdrawing from all courses may impact financial aid, housing, health insurance, meal plans, veteran benefits, visa status, campus services, athletic status, and academic progress. withdrawal implications:

Financial Aid: Building 3, (401) 456-8033

Bursar: Building 4,, (401) 456-8130

Residential Life and Housing: Penfield Hall, (401) 456-8140

Military Resource Center: Craig Lee 059,, (401) 456-8449

International Student Office: Unity Center, DDC 16, (401) 456-8791

Health Services: Browne Hall, (401) 456-8055

Page last updated: September 22, 2020