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Public Bid Responses

In accordance with R.I. Gen. Laws Section 37-2-18(b) and the proposed Purchasing Regulations (Effective on or about 1/11/11) Section “The burden to identify and withhold from the public copy that is released at the bid opening any trade secrets, commercial or financial information, or other information the bidder deems not subject to public disclosure pursuant to Chapter 38-2, the Access to Public Records Act, shall rest solely and exclusively with the bidder submitting the bid proposal.”

All submitted bids are listed below:

Bid Number Date of Bid Vendor Name
Adobe PDF39798 04/27/2016 Kenvo Floor Co., Inc.
Adobe PDF39432 04/26/2016 Daikin Applied Americas Inc.
Adobe PDF39342 04/26/2016 NexGen Mechanical, Inc.
Adobe PDF36658P3 11/4/2015 AA Thrifty Signs & Awnings
Adobe PDF150814 09/15/2015 Cox Business
Adobe PDF150814 09/15/2015 Campus Televideo
Adobe PDF34731 05/19/2015 Freeport General Contracting, Inc.
Adobe PDF34731 05/19/2015 ADM Construction
Adobe PDF34911 05/12/2015 Authority Flooring, Inc.
Adobe PDF34911 05/12/2015 Freeport General Contracting, Inc.
Adobe PDF34911 05/12/2015 M & J Construction Co., Inc.
Adobe PDF33491 05/05/2015 Trac Builders Inc.
Adobe PDF33491 05/05/2015 E.W. Burman, Inc.
Adobe PDF34368 03/20/2015 Fire Equipment, Inc.
Adobe PDF34368 03/20/2015 Elco Electric Service Corp.
Adobe PDF34368 03/20/2015 Encore Fire Suppression
Adobe PDF33336 02/04/2015 Trac Builders, Inc.
Adobe PDF33336 02/04/2015 ADS Construction, Inc.
Adobe PDF33336 02/04/2015 E.W. Burman, Inc.
Adobe PDF33336 02/04/2015 Tower Construction Corp.
Adobe PDF30340 07/22/2014 Nexgen Mechanical Inc.
Adobe PDF30340 07/22/2014 Industrial Refrigeration Corp.
Adobe PDF30340 07/22/2014 CAM HVAC & Construction, Inc.
Adobe PDF30340 07/22/2014 Delta Mechanical Contractors LLC.
Adobe PDF30680 06/25/2014 Domenic And Sons Floorcovering Inc.
Adobe PDF30680 06/25/2014 State Sales Inc.
Adobe PDF30680 06/25/2014 Authority Flooring Inc.
Adobe PDF30338 06/02/2014 Robert F. Audet, Inc.
Adobe PDF30338 06/02/2014 Nolin Electric, Inc.
Adobe PDF29018 02/21/2014 ADM Construction
Adobe PDF29018 02/21/2014 Chirico Construction
Adobe PDF29018 02/21/2014 Iron Construction
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Page last updated: May 4, 2016