B.A. in Psychology

Course No. Course Title Credits
PSYC 110Introduction to Psychology4
PSYC 215Social Psychology4
PSYC 221Research Methods I: Foundations4
PSYC 230Human Development4
PSYC 251Personality4
PSYC 320Research Methods II: Behavioral Statistics4
*One Course from
PSYC 331Child Psychology4
PSYC 332Adolescent Psychology4
PSYC 335Family Psychology4
PSYC 339Psychology of Aging4
*One Course from
PSYC 341Perception4
PSYC 344Learning4
PSYC 345Physiological Psychology4
PSYC 347Social Cognition4
PSYC 349Cognitive Psychology4
*One Course from
PSYC 351Psychology of Human Diversity4
PSYC 354Abnormal Psychology4
PSYC 356Psychology of Women4
*PSYCH 360 may be substituted for any of the required courses listed below the asterisk, with consent of department chair.
*One Course from
PSYC 421Behavior Modification4
PSYC 422Psychological Testing4
PSYC 423Psychology and the Law4
PSYC 424Health Psychology4
PSYC 425Community Psychology4
*One Course from
PSYC 473Research Methods III: Developmental Lab4
PSYC 475Research Methods III: Personality/Social Lab4
PSYC 476Research Methods III: Applied Lab4
PSYC 477Research Methods III: Experimental Lab4

Total Credit Hours


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