B.S. in Chemical Dependency / Addiction Studies

Course No. Course Title Credits
PSYC 110Introduction to Psychology4
PSYC 215Social Psychology4
PSYC 217Drugs and Chemical Dependency4
PSYC 221Research Methods I: Foundations4
PSYC 230Human Development4
PSYC 251Personality4
PSYC 320Research Methods II: Behavioral Statistics4
PSYC 345Physiological Psychology4
PSYC 351Psychology of Human Diversity4
PSYC 354Abnormal Psychology4
PSYC 425Community Psychology4
PSYC 452Theories of Psychological Intervention4
PSYC 471Practicum in Chemical Dependency/Addiction Studies4
PSYC 472Internship in Chemical Dependency/Addiction Studies4
PSYC 476Research Methods III: Applied Lab4
One course from
PSYC 332Adolescent Psychology4
PSYC 335Family Psychology4
PSYC 339Psychology of Aging4
One course from
PSYC 421Behavior Modification4
PSYC 422Psychological Testing4
PSYC 423Psychology and the Law4
PSYC 424Health Psychology4

Total Credit Hours


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