B.A. Modern Languages/Concentration in Portuguese Studies

The Concentration in Portuguese Studies consists of 45-50 credit hours, starting in PORT 201, 202, and followed by 36-39 credit hours of additional courses in Portuguese at the 300-level or above, 6-8 credits in another language and the Modern Languages Seminar.

Course No. Course Description Credits
MLAN 360Seminar in Modern Languages3
PORT 201Conversation and Composition4
PORT 202Composition and Conversation4
PORT 301Portuguese Literature and Culture I4
PORT 302Portuguese Literature and Culture II4
PORT 304Brazilian Literature and Culture4
PORT 305Lusophone African Literatures and Cultures4
PORT 420Applied Grammar3
Three Additional Courses in Portuguese at the 300-level or above9-12


Two courses in another foreign language6-8

Total Credit Hours


For more information contact Dr. Sílvia Oliveira

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