B.A. in Political Science

Course Requirements

Course No. Course Title Credits
POL 202American Government4
POL 203Global Politics4
POL 204Introduction to Political Thought4
POL 300Methodology in Political Science4
POL 308Current Political Controversy4
At least six additional courses from departmental offerings at the 300-level or above. POL 208 may also be taken to fulfill part of this requirement. At least two must be from : POL 301, 306, 307, 309, 331, 333, 342, 346, 353, 354, 355, and 359. It is recommended that these courses be taken following POL 300 and 308.20-24

Total Credit Hours



The Department of Political Science strongly encourages students to undertake internship experiences as part of their undergraduate education. Every fall, spring, and summer the department offers a twelve-week internship or students in political science, public administration, justice studies, gerontology, and other programs. Students are placed in federal, state, and local government agencies; in private sector public service organizations; and in organizations engaged in campaigns or political advocacy. To enroll in this internship, students should register for POL 328.

In addition, under the auspices of the Rhode Island State Internship Program, the department offers a twelve week internship every spring semester, placing students with individual members of the Rhode Island state legislature or with members of the executive and judicial branches of state government. To enroll in this internship, students should register for POL 327.

In cooperation with Rhode Island's U.S. senators and representatives, several students are chosen to spend a week during the spring semester in the Washington, D.C., office of either a U.S. senator or a representative from Rhode Island.

The London Course

The London Course is the study of British politics, government, and culture, as well as urban geography and city planning in London. The course is divided into two components—a six-week proseminar at Rhode Island College during Summer Session I, followed by a three-week stay in London during July in conjunction with South Bank University. The stay in Europe includes trips to the House of Commons, Cambridge University, the Home Counties, and Paris.

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