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Program Goals

Geography Major Program Goals

  1. To become adept at understanding and expressing the definitions of geography
  2. To obtain a basic knowledge of the history of geography as a discipline
  3. To become familiar with the literature and other written/mapped means by which professional geographers communicate the results of their work
  4. To understand the steps involved in conducting basic/applied research in geography
  5. To demonstrate awareness of career opportunities available to geography majors

Political Science Program Goals

GOAL AREA A: Substantive Knowledge

  • Objective 1. Students will acquire substantial knowledge of current political and governmental structures and processes in the United States;
  • Objective 2. Students will acquire an understanding of current political and governmental structures and processes outside the United States;
  • Objective 3. Students will acquire an understanding of influential thinkers and ideas that have shaped democratic values.

GOAL AREA B: Critical Skills: Analytical Skills

  • Objective 4. Students will be able understand the difference between descriptive and normative theory as it applies to politics and government
  • Objective 5. Students will be able to recognize and assess evidence that supports or contradicts ideas.

GOAL AREA C: Critical Skills: Information Acquisition

  • Objective 6. Students will demonstrate a proficiency in the use technological resources such as the Internet, on-line data, and library based search engines.

GOAL AREA D: Critical Skills: Written Presentation of Ideas

  • Objective 7. Students will develop skills to write papers with a clear thesis, organization and no distracting grammatical errors.

GOAL AREA E: Student Opportunities

  • Objective 8. Students will have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in class through active participation in politics and government through internships or other experiential settings.

GOAL AREA F: Faculty-Student Advising

  • Objective 9. Students will choose a coherent set of courses within the major under the guidance of an advisor
  • Objective 10. Students will receive active guidance in selection of post-baccalaureate opportunities including graduate schools, law schools, a range of governmental services and other employment

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