Political Science Program

Political Science Major

Since 1975 Rhode Island College has offered a Political Science major. Since that time many of our alumni have become Rhode Island policy makers, business people, educators, lawyers, lobbyists, public employees and others. Many of those individuals went on to graduate school and successful careers. Because it is a 31 credit major students have the flexibility to pursue a broad based liberal arts education and complete the major in a timely fashion. Many Political Science majors under close consultation with their advisor opt to dual major in Public Administration or other majors that complement the Political Science offerings.

B.A. - M.P.A. in Public Administration

Rhode Island College cooperates with the University of Rhode Island in providing Rhode Island College students with an opportunity to begin their graduate training in public administration as they complete their studies leading to a degree at Rhode Island College. Early advisement is essential for students seeking admission to this program. A student in this cooperative program could earn the Master of Public Administration degree in fifteen months of full-time study or pursue the degree on a part-time basis. Students should consult with the director of the undergraduate public administration program no later than the second semester of their junior year.

M.P.A. in Public Administration

The Master of Public Administration in Rhode Island Program is a cooperative program of Rhode Island College and the University of Rhode Island. M.P.A. students may take graduate-level electives at Rhode Island College to fulfill their plan of study. Requests for program information should be made to the director of the public administration program at Rhode Island College.

Justice Studies Interdisciplinary Major

The Political Science Department joined with other departments at Rhode Island College to create the Justice Studies major. A Justice Studies major take courses in Political Science to fulfill in part the requirements of the Justice Studies major. Among those courses are: POL 202 American Government; POL 300 Methodology in Political Science; POL 304 Research Methods II; POL 332 Civil Liberties; POL 335 Jurisprudence; POL 327 State Internship; POL 328 Field Experiences; POL 331 Courts and Public Policy.

Teacher Education Majors

Elementary Education: Major in Political Science

Students that major in Political Science can pursue an elementary education teacher preparation. Generally majors in Political Science who are pursuing elementary education certification choose courses designed to provide the student with the broadest possible understanding of politics as they complete the requirements for certification in elementary education K-8 and certification or endorsement at the middle school level. These students must choose courses carefully with the assistance of their advisor because they may be exempt from certain requirements of the Political Science major.

Secondary Education: Social Studies Program (Major in Political Science)

Students can graduate as a Political Science major and be certified to teach Social Studies and History at the secondary level by completing the following curriculum, that can be completed within 120 credits when courses are chosen carefully with the help of the department’s Chair or Social Studies advisor.

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