Aaron Smuts

Alger Hall (ALG)
(401) 456-8012

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Academic Background

University of Wisconsin, Madison (2002-2006)
2006 Ph.D., Department of Philosophy
Ph.D. minor, Department of Communication, program in film.
Dissertation: Laughing at Art: Humor, Art, and Morality (Chair: Noël Carroll)

University of Texas at Austin
1997-8 Ph.D. student, Department of Philosophy

University of Houston, TX
1997 BA Philosophy, Summa cum Laude
1997 BA History, Summa cum Laude

Courses Taught

Free Will and Moral Responsibility (Fall 2010; Fall 2011)
Political Philosophy (Fall 2010)
Bioethics (Fall 2010; Fall 2011)
Philosophy of Religion (Spring 2011; Spring 2012; Summer I 2012)
Environmental Ethics (Spring 2011)
The Good Life (Spring 2011; Fall 2012)
Meta-ethics (Fall 2011)
Philosophy of Emotion (Spring 2012)
Philosophy Internship (Spring 2012)
Moral Responsibility (Fall 2012)
Philosophy of Death (Fall 2012)
Philosophy of Love (Spring 2013)
Philosophy of Film (Spring 2013)

Areas of Interest

Aaron Smuts earned his PhD in philosophy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Aaron's interests range across a wide variety of topics in ethics, the philosophy of art, metaphysics, and general value theory. Currently he is working on two projects. The first is on the nature and value of well-being. The other project concerns the normative assessment of emotions. Aaron has published over three dozen articles in a variety of books and academic journals.


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