Urban and Community Farming

Spring 2012 Schedule

Speaker Series: Urban and Community Farming

Perspectives on Urban and Sustainable Agriculture
Location: Student Union, Room 307
Time: 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

The Urban and Community Farming speaker Series events are free and open to the public.

March 20 The World of Beekeeping, Global to Local

Speaker: Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban
Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban is Professor Emerita of anthropology and the Education Doctoral Program at Rhode Island College; adjunct professor of African Studies at Naval War College; Newport Editor, Sudan Studies Association Bulletin; and Secretary and Newsletter Editor, RI Beekeepers' Association

April 17 Compost and the Future Prosperity of Rhode Island

Speaker: Greg Gerritt, chief troublemaker, with the Environmental Council of Rhode Island on economics and consultant/troublemaker at Prosperity for Rhode Island

Greg Gerritt will talk about the specifics of compost and composting, its relationship to our agricultural renaissance, as well as its role in the economy going forward.

Collecting the food scrap produced in Rhode Island and composting it so it can be used to grow more food may be the best thing we can do in Rhode Island to improve our food security and reduce our carbon footprint.

Today the percentage of food scrap composted in Rhode Island is very low, but is poised for expansion. Rhode Island can collect many times more of our food scrap, and produce the soil fertility that will allow agriculture in Rhode Island to continue its recent rapid expansion.

April 24 Place-based Approaches to Sustainable Seafood: "Local" and "Green" Meet in the Sea
Speakers: Sarah Schumann and Benjamin Sukle

Sarah Schumann is a small-scale shellfisherwoman and dedicated environmentalist who recently founded Eating with the Ecosystem, an experiment in place-based sustainable seafood eating for New England.

Benjamin Sukle is the executive chef at The Dorrance restaurant in Providence. A Middletown native, Ben's award-winning authentic cooking style includes a major focus on seasonal, local and sustainable goods. His cuisine is influenced and driven by the products Rhode Island and its seasons have to offer, taking inspiration from Rhode Island's farms, forests, coasts and waters by combining them with modern and classic culinary technique.

The local foods movement offers new and exciting ways to tackle issues of sustainability in our food supply, natural environment, and economy. Addressing sustainability in the marine realm is more complicated than on land, since there are fewer factors that we can control. Sarah Schumann will present a vision for a place-based, ecologically inspired approach to choosing what we eat from the sea – a vision that respects the intricacies of nature by eating "with", instead of just taking from, the ecosystems off our shores. Drawing on concepts pertinent to land-based activities such as urban farming, food foraging, and permaculture, this approach aspires to connect people with their environment and endow the market for local seafood with the flexibility it needs to enable future generations to pursue small scale fishing as a career path.

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