Geoffrey Stilwell

Dr. Stilwell’s research focuses on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a devastating neurodegenerative disease.


Institutional Approval

Institutional approval is required before any proposal (including continuations) can be submitted or contract signed on behalf of the college. A completed Proposal Summary and Approval Form (PSAF) ensures that all relevant administrative units of the college support the project. A fully completed PSAF must be in place for a proposal to be submitted through ORGA or RICF.

With ORGA and RICF serving as central clearinghouses for all grants and contracts submitted or received on behalf of the college, the PSAF guarantees that requests are coordinated, each project gets the full institutional support it deserves, and projects are not competing against each other for limited external funds. The form also informs ORGA and RICF staff of all proposal-related projects, promoting opportunities for inter-disciplinary collaboration between programs whenever possible.

ORGA or RICF can assist with securing signatures for completion of the PSAF. An incomplete form may delay a proposal, even to the point of missing a deadline. All PIs are strongly encouraged to complete the form and obtain all signatures at least two weeks prior to the proposal deadline. Proposals that create new grant-funded positions require additional lead time and should be submitted at least one month before the proposal deadline. Completed forms are retained by ORGA on paper and electronically, with copies sent to the PI.

Roles and Responsibilities During Institutional Approval and Proposal Submission

Principal Investigator (PI)

  • Required (even if an EFI form was submitted and approved) to fully complete two forms, the Proposal Summary and Approval Form (PSAF) and Proposal Summary and Approval Budget Form, before a proposal is submitted to, or contract signed with, an external sponsor. Consider this form an opportunity to inform all levels of the College administration of your research/program. Completion includes securing all required signatures and completing and submitting any related forms (such as disclosure of a potential financial conflict of interest). College administrative officials may have questions based on proposal and/or budget content and potential college commitments, including facilities, technology, and equipment.
  • Expected to be present and available during the proposal submission process. ORGA coordinates the submission of all proposals. If, under some circumstances, the PI is required to submit a proposal, ORGA must receive a copy of the submitted proposal to retain in its electronic files.
  • It is ORGA’s practice to submit proposals at least one (1) day before the submission deadline.

Office of Research and Grants Administration (ORGA)

  • Answer questions and assist with completing PSAF and EFI forms.
  • Review and be familiar with the RFP or submission guidance.
  • Coordinate with the PI to assure that all state and federal certifications, assurances and letters of support are in place.
  • May be, and in certain cases is, required to be responsible for proposal submission. Some Federal agency systems require submission to be verified from an ORGA account. ORGA will assist in the submission process and obtain any accounts the PI identifies as being required.

A reminder: No proposal may be submitted from Rhode Island College to an external sponsor without the Proposal Summary and Approval Form's completion. An incomplete form can and will delay a proposal, even to the point of missing the proposal deadline. PIs are strongly encouraged to complete the form and obtain all signatures at least two weeks prior to proposal deadline.

When a letter of intent (LOI) is required prior to submission of a full proposal, PIs should check with ORGA to see if the PSAF must be completed or can wait until full proposal submission. College officials will determine the need to receive approval prior to LOI submission based on the detail and scope required in the LOI.

ORGA Proposal Summary and Approval Form

ORGA Proposal Summary and Approval Budget Form


Award Notification

Sponsors may take up to six months or more to notify the college of proposal approval or disapproval. Notification is made directly to ORGA and/or the PI. When PIs are the sole notificant, they should forward notification to ORGA as soon as possible. If a proposal is returned for revisions, please contact ORGA. Budget revisions may require additional approval before resubmission. Negotiations must also be handled primarily by ORGA.

Page last updated: Friday, October 21, 2016