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How To Travel

Out-of-State Travel

There are two ways to travel out-of-state on grant funds:
  • One is to obtain preapproval through the Accounting Office and to have the trip's details and reservations set by the State-approved travel agent. This procedure is described below and strongly recommended, as the College will purchase your airfare and hotel reservation and thereby guarantee approval of your travel while enabling you to spend less personal funds to be reimbursed later.

  • The second method is spending personal money and asking for travel reimbursement afterwards. We strongly advise you to be aware of your current budget allowances and State travel regularions should you travel without without preapproval, as this method offers no guarantee that your costs, whole or in part, will be reimbursed by the College in the event of a problem. However, should you prefer to set your own travel plans and keep aware of State allowances this is option is fine as well.

Before Travel

When you have an idea of your destination, travel dates and relative money required for the trip please fill out the Travel Preapproval Form. This form is used to verify funds are available for travel and is the first step in working with the state-approved travel agent.

Accounting staff will review your request in accordance with travel policies. When that is complete, you will be furnished with two numbers: an authorization number and billing code. Please give both numbers to the state-approved travel agent, whose contact information is located on the Accounting website. The agent will work with you to book your flight and hotel and the amount will be charged directly to your grant. Save all travel documentation and enjoy your trip! When you return, you will need to fill out a travel report form whether or not you are to be reimbursed for personal expenses incurred during the trip, and you must submit the form within 30 days of return. Read on to learn more about reimbursement policies.

During Travel

Please include original receipts for all travel charges, regardless of if the charges were preapproved. If attending a conference, please obtain and return an original conference agenda. Failure to do so could mean a limited or nullified reimbursement.

After Travel

When your travel is complete, please submit a travel report form to ORGA detailing all charges (even pre-approved hotel costs and airfare, along with ALL receipts and tickets, and a conference agenda if attending a conference). Break the charges down by day. As the College is bound by State and Federal travel regulations, you may be reimbursed in accordance with the following State-held policies. Note: travel regulations apply to anyone to be reimbursed for travel on a College grant. This includes students, contract employees and collaborators.

Food: As of 7-1-2006, State regulations now allow for a maximum reimbursement of $30.00 per day for food expenses with no need to break down expenses by meal. You may also request reimbursement when meals were provided by the conference or workshop attended. However, if you leave after 12:00 PM on the first day of travel or return prior to 12:00 PM on the last day you will only be allowed $15.00 on those days, again without a need to break down costs by meal. Also, please note if you spend more than the maximum allowed per day you will have to absorb those extra costs with personal funds.

Cab/train/bus: Please ask for receipts from cab drivers and keep all travel-related receipts.

Car rental: Due to State travel regulations we advise that you travel, if possible, via cab, train or bus before resorting to a car rental. However, if car rental is the most efficient method of transportation you must provide documentation proving so or a justification prior to approval.

Car travel to airport: You may also be reimbursed for travel to and from the airport, and for long-term parking charges. Please note your odometer, miles traveled and include any parking receipts. Distance to the airport is always calculated with Rhode Island College as the origin, which is 10 miles.

Mileage Reimbursement: Current State regulations allow for 48.5 cents per mile reimbursement for vehicle and gasoline costs. This figure should be used in calculating mileage reimbursement on either the Automobile Travel worksheet or the Travel Report. The Excel forms available on the Accounting website will calculate the current figure automatically, so please use them first and refer to the Accounting webpage for any form or reimbursement rate updates.

Adobe PDFExample Travel Report

See an example travel report.

In-State Travel

Unless you are hosting an out-of-state conference or are a principal presenter or panelist required to be available in the early AM, State regulations do not allow reimbursements for hotel stays within a 55-mile radius of Providence, regardless of funding source. You also do not need to seek pre-approval for travel. After travel, you may fill out an automobile travel form in such instances.

Adobe PDFExample Auto Travel Form

See an example auto travel form.

Note: Regular automobile travel should report monthly activity and be submitted on a monthly basis. Also, please be sure to include your vehicle registration, make and model on the form.

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Foreign Travel

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