Mikaila Arthur and Francis Leazes

Dr. Mikaila Arthur, Associate Professor in Sociology, and Dr. Francis Leazes, Professor in Political Science, have joined together on a research project sponsored by The Collaborative to explore the following policy question: What is Higher Education’s Role in Shaping the Workforce in Rhode Island?


Project Management Eligibility Policy

Please note that while many sponsored programs can and do involve collaboration from many sources inside and outside the College community, College Policy restricts the ability to be officially named as manager of a sponsored program to certain employment statuses. The official policy can be found below.

RIC Policy for Project Management Eligibility

For the purposes of this policy, the term "Principal Investigator" shall encompass the terms Principal Investigator, Project Director, Program Director, and the like, and shall mean a single individual who in the event of an award from an external funding agency shall have full and final responsibility for the conduct of the project as proposed. The Principal Investigator shall use all reasonable efforts to comply with the terms, conditions, and policies of both the sponsor and the College, including submission of all required reports. When the term is modified by the prefix "Co-," the first-named individual on the project proposal shall be the person with the ultimate responsibility as outlined above.

Persons eligible to be Principal Investigators shall hold full-time faculty positions or full-time positions enjoying similar rights and privileges (e.g., Senior Research Associate, Research Associate, Instructor, etc.). Professors Emeriti must serve as co-investigators with full-time faculty holding Principle Investigator status. Exceptions to this policy may be made with the approval of the Department Chair or Major Sponsored Program Director (e.g., The Sherlock Center, Outreach Programs, Child Welfare Institute, RI Technical Assistance Project, etc.) and associated Dean under the following considerations:

  1. An individual petition to serve as Principal Investigator must be specifically approved on the basis of the particular facts involved and not as a routine procedure. The approval will be for a specific project and duration, and will be valid for multiple funding applications.

  2. The individual must have the necessary experience and independence to compete for his/her own sponsored program and to administer the project should it be funded, as judged the Department Chair (or center/institute Director as appropriate) and the Dean.

  3. The individual must obtain written commitments from the Department Chair or center/institute Director as appropriate, required to guarantee necessary space or other resources or support.

  4. The Department Chair (or center/institute Director as appropriate) and a specifically identified faculty member (faculty sponsor) must agree to assume responsibility for the awarded program should the individual leave the College.

Only U.S. citizens, non-citizen nationals, and those foreign nationals who possess a visa permitting permanent residence in the U.S. may be appointed as trainees on NIH training grants or as NIH individual fellows, except in the case of programs specifically designed for support of foreign nationals. Foreign nationals may apply for selected federal support, providing they can show visa eligibility for the duration of the grant period. Questions regarding visa status should be directed to Faculty Administration.

Page last updated: Friday, August 30, 2013