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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my nursing credits be accepted?

If you are a practicing nurse with a license, you will be awarded 37 transfer credits for your previous nursing courses, in addition to credits for general education. Students must complete a minimum of 45 semester hours at Rhode Island College.

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Will my credits be "too old"?

Generally not if you are a practicing nurse. Once the Admissions Office has reviewed your transcripts, the Department of Nursing Chair can provide a second review of courses significant to nursing.

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How many General Education Courses will I need?

The Admissions Office will review any General Education Course you have on your transcripts and award credit. You must have at least a grade of C to be awarded credit. A description of the General Education Program can be found in the College Catalog (online or in print).

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Can I take any courses before I am accepted to the College?

Absolutely! You may take any courses except Nursing 370 and Nursing 376. We do have a Second Enrollment Application you must submit when you are ready for these two final, senior level nursing courses.

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Do you have an evening program or a weekend program?

We try to offer courses in the daytime and in the evening, as is the case throughout the college. We pride ourselves on our efforts to accommodate the complex schedules of working RNs. We do not have a weekend program.

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Will I be assigned an Advisor?

Yes. Prior to enrollment, our RN Coordinator, Professor Donna Huntley-Newby, telephone number (401) 456-9673, can assist you with course selection. Once you are enrolled in the College you will be assigned a Nursing Faculty Advisor.

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How can I register for a course?

If you are not enrolled in the College, you cannot enroll until the week before classes start. You should call the Records Office for a Password (456-8213)

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