Founders Circle

Creation of the Founders Circle of the School of Nursing Dean's Development Fund

A special recognition program was launched in November 2008 for inaugural donors to support the School of Nursing Dean's Development Fund through its first fundraising event and a March 2009 alumni letter appeal. The gifts to the Founders Circle totaled $44,642. Plans are underway to create a Founders Circle remembrance to honor our alumni and friends and their generosity. The November 2008 celebration has been followed by annual fundraising events in October to benefit the Dean's Development Fund.
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We thank you for joining the Founders Circle of the Dean's Development Fund, a very special group of people who recognize the importance of the School of Nursing as a vital resource for high quality and equitable health care for all people.

John Almon
Lawrence A. Aubin, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Blasdell
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island
Anita Minardi Creamer '75
M.S. Foote
Sandra Zion Hamolsky & Milton Hamolsky, MD
Carol A. Lamoureux
The Miriam Hospital
Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island
Constance & Clarence Pratt
The Providence Community Health Centers, Inc.
Rhode Island Hospital
Jane & John Williams
The Wood Family: Carolyn, Pat & Dick
Edward & Mary Jean Francis Bishop
Norman & Danielle Bodine
D. Karen Enright, PhD, CS
Moses Goddard, MD
Rabbi Leslie Y. Gutterman
Keith E. Macksoud '83
Curtis & Meg Mock
Elizabeth D. Motta '99
Stacey L. Santoro
South County Hospital
Sandy Stamoulis
Patricia & Rodney Thomas
West View Health Care Center
Charles R. Alexandre '79
Steve L. Alves '85, PhD, CRNA
Lynn '82 & Dennis Blanchette
Nina B. Bodine
Mary & David Byrd
Mike & Anne Curtin
Geraldine DeNuccio
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Dinwoodie
Mary F. Dwyer '78, RN, MS, MED, PCNS
Patricia J. Ferencz '97, BSN, RN, CPN
John Ferreira
Michael Fine, MD
Kathleen I. Gremel
Dayle F. Joseph '69
Lisa A. MacDonald '08
Frederick V. Macri
Loulie Mauran
Pamela McCue '88
President Emeritus John Nazarian '54
Cynthia A. Padula
Sylvia & Richard Ross
Catherine A. Solomon
Anne Tierney '81, CRNA
Paula A. Viau, PhD, RN
Vincent & Lori Vinci
Rita & Dennis Wade
Barbara A. Winfield '76
Claudia MacDonald Ambrus '77, CRNA
Mary-Elizabeth Barton '79
Nolan S. Byrne '74
Patricia A. Beezer
Ed Bennett
Denise Bezila '88
Tara M. Brown '08
Mary L. Burke '80
RIC President Nancy E. Carriuolo
Anne E. S. Carty
Denise Charron-Prochownik '77, PhD, RN
Citizens Bank
Laurie M. Lauzon Clabo
Joanne F. Costello
Claire M. Creamer '80
John & Sarah DiTondo
Judith A. Doherty, RN, MS
Maria P. Ducharme '87
Catherine A. Fanning '81
Elysia Pascale-Gaynor '99 RN, BS
Michael Gaynor '99, RN, BS
Paula Gillette
Karen D. Hetzel, PhD, PMHCNC-BC
Donna Huntley-Newby
P. William Hutchinson & Jeri A. McElroy '78
John & Elizabeth A. '05 Jenkins-Donahue
Susan F. Korber
Nancy Lancaster
Richard & Nancy Lind
Yolande Lockett '81
Trudy C. Mulvey '87
Patricia A. Morris
Maureen Newman
Carol A. Opiekun
Ronald Pedersen
M. Patricia Quigley
Rhode Island College Alumni Association
Rhode Island College Foundation
Ruth E. Ricciarelli
Amie J. Richard '07
Gloria Rose '01
Alicebelle Rubotzky
Jean Salera-Vicira '97, RNC-OB, MS
In Honor of Spenser O. Scharfman
Barbara Schepps, MD
Debbie Servello '85
Carol R. Shelton
Michele Siskind
Sheri Smith
Solomon Solomon
Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Sperling
Susan A. Storti '80
Mary P. Sullivan '78
United Nurses and Allied Professionals
Sandra E. Urban-Lynch
Gloria Vignone '81
Mary A. Wilkes '97
Genevieve M. White
Lorraine M. Andreozzi '78
Peter A. Bannon '75
Susan G. Baribault '83
Deborah J. Bartone '77
Bruce '75 & Theresa G. '77 Bennett
Barbara J. Bird '07
Kim A. Boulden '86
Donna M. Burns '91
Lillian Calise Czech '79
Sharon Q. Capuano '84
Rachel H. Carpenter
Ann M. Cervini '86
Mary D. Chapman '88
Andrew P. Chisholm '02
Deborah Clickner
Domenic & Paula J. Coro
John M. Downing '06
Joann J. Duperre '94
Linda E. Erickson '633
Jacalyn J. Ferreira '80
Anne T. Fishbein '78
Timothy J. Foley '82
Mark A. Foster '80
Cheryl Garvin '06
Denise A. Henry
Maury I. Hoover '83
Lori M. Kelley '80
Cleonice A.X. Kukulka
Judith Matarese Kolb
Susan D. Lemieux '01
Judith E. Maeda '77
Frances H. Maroni '83
Kathleen A. Maryland '84
Andrea B. McGinn '02
Cynthia A. McKinnie '78
Noreen I. Mercier '81
Gail C. Nuzzi-Milowe '89
Maryalice Mullen '75
Barbara Peterson Riley
Bernice L. Petracca
Marilou Petrucci '77, RN, BSN, CCM
Colleen A. Planchon '90
Silvana Richardson
Susan K. Rivet '80
Sharon P. Rocha '91
Joseph L. Rocheleau '02
Diane L. Salvas '06
Lisa J. Silva '87
Nicole Smith
Marianne E. Soscia '87
Linda Leonard Sternberg '82, RN, MST
Judith A. Tally '96
Linda M. Tetu-Mouradjan
Jean L. Uttley '82
Linda E. Vaughan '76
Martha Rounds Watson '88, RN
Gretchen D. Werle '91
Deborah J. Wesolowski '76
Joyce M. Williams '88

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