Bannister Gallery – Preview Fall 2010

Lisa Russell. ‘Emergence No. 423’ (detail). Russell is a
professor in RIC's Art Department.
The Annual Faculty Exhibition from Sept. 9-30 offers an exciting opportunity to experience the inspiring talent in residence at Rhode Island College.

The distinguished and award-winning artists on RIC’s faculty collectively bring a unique vision to the region’s cultural tapestry.

In Bannister’s Hall Space Gallery, the paintings of Mary Bucci McCoy will be on display.

From Oct. 7-28, Sarah McCoubrey: Earthbound, Paintings will showcase landscapes depicting backyards and vacant lots luminously rendered in oil on panel.

By using the representational techniques more associated with the monumental or the romantic in the American tradition, she brings pathos and majesty to these seemingly ordinary scenes. Each image, empty of people, bears the signs of their presence – their tools, their playthings, their refuse – evoking both the rituals of human existence and our fundamental connection to the planet.

Anthony Quinn. Untitled.
Sculptures and drawings by the late actor Anthony Quinn will be exhibited from Nov. 4-24. The Anthony Quinn Foundation in collaboration with Bannister Gallery will present works from Quinn’s desert series, which was inspired by his time in the desert during the filming of such epics as “Lawrence of Arabia.”

Bannister will present Mike Hansel: Sculpture in All Its Parts from Dec. 9-31. Hansel uses sculpture to point people away from what they take for granted towards an oddly humorous world composed of vaguely familiar elements. His works are reinvented associations made between careful observations and the half-forgotten elements of memory.

Mike Hansel. ‘Intestinal Fortitude.’
The artist says, “…nature and industry aren’t really opposites, but more like complementary terms.” Hansel’s machine-like forms and materials merge with organic spirals and curves, resulting in shapes that are both vaguely familiar and tantalizingly unidentifiable.

Gallery hours during exhibits are Tuesday through Friday, noon to 8 p.m., or by appointment with the gallery director. Exhibits and events are free and open to the public. Accessible to persons with disabilities. For information on event dates and exhibit opening receptions, check the website at or call (401) 456-9765.