2010-11 Alumni board selected

Among the 2010-11 Alumni Association board of directors are, from left, Jason Anthony, president,
and new members Alan Chille and Suzy Alba.

The Alumni Association’s board of directors was recently selected for 2010-11.

Duties of the board include reviewing the association’s mission and purpose, ensuring effective organizational planning and adequate resources, determining and monitoring programs and services, supporting alumni programs and evaluating the board’s performance.

This year’s new members are Walter Musto, Suzy Alba and Alan Chille.


Past President
Vic Ventura '71

Jason Anthony '99, '05

Vice President
William Fazioli '86

Patricia Nevola Testa '00

Kathleen Swann '79, '89, '01


Allan Fung '92
Paul Hackley '85
Barbara Loomis Smith '70
Kristen Dean '92
Judy Spremulli ’03
Mark Paolucci '85
Erin Plaziak '93
Thomas Cahir '89
Robin Pecunioso '99
Joseph Graziano ’08
Walter Musto ’00
Suzy Alba ’05
Alan Chille ’82