Contemporary Learning:
RIC Feinstein Institute for Philanthropic Leadership’s Certificate in Nonprofit Studies

The program for the Certificate in Nonprofit Studies at Rhode Island College provides students with knowledge and skills appropriate for entry-level professional positions in the growing nonprofit sector in Rhode Island and beyond. Students interested in establishing careers in a wide variety of fields – ranging from education and human services to community development and the visual or performing arts – benefit from exposure to the world of nonprofit organizations.

Specific learning outcomes include demonstrated knowledge of: How nonprofit organizations are established and administered; how they serve different segments of society; how they are governed, staffed and funded; how their programs are planned, budgeted and evaluated; how reliable client data are collected and analyzed; and how legal and ethical problems are resolved.

The curriculum for the Certificate in Nonprofit Studies requires completion of the following 16 credits:

1. Summer Institute in Nonprofit Studies (NPST 400) – To include the topics of budgeting, personnel, program evaluation, law and ethics as related to the organization and administration of nonprofit concerns. (3 credits)

2. The American Nonprofit Sector and Philanthropy parts I and II (NPST 401, NPST 402) – A two semester course sequence (fall and spring); the courses meet once per week for three hours. (3 credits fall; 3 credits spring)

3. Internship in the Nonprofit Sector (NPST 403) – A professional internship placement with a non-profit agency during the academic year or summer, accompanied by periodic meetings with the Institute director to assess progress and review skill development. (4 credits)

4. One elective course which has topical/skill development relevancy for professional service in the nonprofit sector, chosen in consultation with the Institute director. (3 credits)

For an application form, email Judith Humphrey, administrative assistant in the Center for Public Policy at Applications are processed within two weeks. Address questions about the program to Mark Motte, professor and director of the Center at

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