RIC Theatre – spring 2010 preview

Christopher Marlowe
The RIC Theatre production of Christopher Marlowe’s classic masterpiece, ”Edward II”, will be staged from Feb. 17- 21. The play is widely considered one of Marlowe’s best, often compared to other great historical plays
of the era.

“Edward II” is the story of a son of a great military king who ruled with an iron fist, and is set against a background of fierce feudal nobility in medieval England.

Marlowe creates a picture of a sentimental yet stubborn king in the grips of a romantic obsession, who fails to recognize the threats to his crown. As the play unfolds, Marlowe turns the doomed Edward into a tragic figure, contrasting his plight with the ruthless nobles who overthrow him.

“Edward II” is directed by Frank Toti, an adjunct instructor of theatre at RIC.

The Broadway showstopper ”Chicago” will be performed from April 22-25.

Set in the roaring 20s, Chicago is a musical tale of murder, sex and intrigue. The musical is based on a play by the same name, written by Maurine Dallas Watkins. Watkins based the play on her experiences as a reporter, focusing much on the glamorization of criminals.

Louise Kennedy, writer for The Boston Globe, said that the magic of Chicago is “virtually incorruptible.”

The show has been awarded six Tony Awards, two Olivier Awards and a Grammy, and has entertained audiences from Mexico City to Moscow and from Sao Paulo to South Africa.

The play will be directed by Bill Wilson, RIC director of musical theatre, and choreographed by Angelica Vessella, RIC director of dance.

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