Green business lessons offered in new RIC Outreach Programs course

The Green Business Management Certificate Program will provide local workers with the tools to integrate eco-friendly practices into their organizations.


The 12-week program, created by Glenn Bachman, president of Massachusetts-based Raven Business Group, LLC, and author of “The Green Business Guide,” will provide these workers with the information needed to facilitate and sustain an organization’s green transformation.

Workers will learn about conservation through lessons in efficient utility and resource use; audit and reporting methods; transportation efficiency; paper, material and waste management; and green purchasing and green marketing.

These lessons will give organizations the opportunity to implement changes that reduce operating costs, help generate innovation, retain employees, and generate a positive public image. Additionally, the lessons will help organizations achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

For more information, contact Jenifer Giroux, interim director of Outreach programs at (401) 456-9762 or Visit