Project: You Are Here

When you turn over a blank wall to about a dozen students in a “Visual Arts in Society” core course that restricts art majors from enlisting, you may not have the highest expectations. In this case, the results wildly exceeded any expectations.

Rose Khimatian holds up the mural blueprints.
Not only did the Adams Library receive a creative, colorful and imaginative 30’ by 15’ mural of the campus map, but the students produced a piece of artwork that built friendships through their hard work and reflection on the collaborative project.

The students enrolled in the course are from different majors and years including nursing, accounting, creative writing and political science.

Students termed the undertaking, located on the lower level of the library, Project: “You Are Here,” and worked under the guidance of James Montford, director of Bannister Gallery.

The project, designed to be ephemeral in nature, should be completed by the end of the semester. “It has to be!” said Montford, regardless that the semester is quickly coming to a close.

Paige Monroe paints the RIC anchor.

During the planning process, renowned artist Munir Mohamed made a guest appearance to teach students how to make images on a flat wall appear to have depth.

The students scraped, primed and painted to prepare the wall. They drew up blueprints of the campus map, projected it onto the wall and traced the image. Students also incorporated RIC’s tagline, “Reach. Inspire. Connect.” into the mural.

Students worked as a team to develop and understand the creative process that goes into producing a large-scale mural. They explored the concepts of line, form, texture and space as it relates to design.

John Riccitelli puts his design on a building.

The focus of the project was to engage the audience in looking at art as a part of their daily lives, said Rose Khimation, a nursing major enrolled in the class.

Eric Martins, a sophomore and creative writing major, has been documenting the progress of the mural with photography and video, which can be viewed on YouTube.

Head over to the lower level of the library and check it out.

You'll be glad you are there!