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2009 Service Recognition Day – Dec. 9

Service Award Recipients

30 Years of Service
Administrative Staff

Karen M. Rubino

Support Staff
Vincent R. Castaldi
Ernest DePari Jr.
Lorraine A. Imondi
William Levesque

25 Years of Service

Patricia B. M. Brennan
Robert F. Carey
Rachel H. Carpenter
Geraldine V. DeNuccio
Yolande A. Lockett
Frederic G. Reamer
Charles L. Roy
Deborah H. Siegel
Judith E. Stokes
Patricia A. Thomas

Administrative Staff
Dante T. Del Giudice
David C. Maine
Charlene L. Szczepanek

Support Staff
Carolyn A. Baccaire
Pauline McCartney
Joseph Nassi
Ann L. Parrillo

20 Years of Service

Peter B. Brown
Ronald P. Dufour
Carolyn P. Panofsky

Administrative Staff
Teresa A. Riley-Wilcox
Alan M. Salemi
Kristen K. Salemi

Support Staff
David Benevides
Deborah A. Iannuccilli
Geraldine A. Jessop
James H. McLaughlin
Louise A. Pearson

15 Years of Service

Nancy K. Bockbrader
Elizabeth M. Dalton
Colette J. Matarese
Patricia Medeiros Landurand
Betty J. Rauhe
Marjorie Roemer

Administrative Staff
Nicholas C. Budano
Cyrille W. Cote
James T. Hanbury
Victoria Hittinger
Ronald W. Tibbetts
Erika E. Tuttle

Support Staff
Russell M. Chenot
John P. Fernandes

10 Years of Service

John M. Aflague
Wendy L. Becker
Donna Darling Kelly
Bonnie L. MacDonald
Maureen Newman
Lisa B. Owen
Richard A. Perreault
Lisa Russell
Nicole C. Smith
Mary M. Sullivan

Administrative Staff
Alvaro G. Gonzalez
Michael J. Gorman
Lori-Ann Martin
John L. Mello
Julia V. Nesbitt
Jessica L. Silva
Amy E. Sousa
Dana P. Stark
Mauricio Valencia
Donna M. Vessella

Support Staff
Jean Algasso
Pauline Cote
Deborah J. Larson
Jennifer L. Lusignan
Paula J. McKeon
Jeanne S. Morris
Khen D. Ngin
Carol A. Peck
Jacqueline A. Riccio-Pavelko
Eileen R. Ryan
Ronald J. Urso

Karen Rubino, right, a 30-year employee,
receives a memento from RIC President
Nancy Carriuolo.

Rhode Island College employees were honored for 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of service during 2009 Service Recognition Day on Dec. 9.

The award recipients, a group comprised of faculty members and administrative and support staff, were joined by RIC President Nancy Carriuolo in the South Dining Room of the Faculty Center.

The honorees received a memento for their years at RIC. The college has also established a 30-Year Honor Roll plaque displayed outside the president’s office in Roberts Hall.

Service Recognition Day program

25 years of service

20 years of service

15 years of service

10 years of service