Suggestions sought for public art, campus beautification

The President’s Advisory Board on Public Art and Campus Beautification will hold its next meeting on Oct. 21. The board reviews proposals on the installation of campus artwork such as murals and sculpture as well as campus beautification initiatives. Proposals are then brought to the President’s Executive Cabinet and to RIC President Nancy Carriuolo.

Suggestions from the RIC community are welcome and can be brought to any member of the board so they can be added to the meeting agenda.

The board has been meeting since fall 2008 and has recommended the placements of the busts of former RIC President John Nazarian – bronze in the Nazarian Center and wood in Adams Library. The board has also made recommendations about sculptures presently on campus.

If you have a suggestion or proposal for public art displayed on campus or for campus beautification, please contact one of the following board members:

• Madeline Nixon (chair)

• Thomas Cobb

• Greg Gammell

• James Montford

• Bryan Steinberg

• Donald Tencher

• John McCaughey