Nominations sought for honorary degrees

The Honorary Degrees Committee of the Council of Rhode Island College invites the RIC community to offer nominations for honorary degrees to be awarded at the college’s graduate and undergraduate commencement ceremonies and at other times as appropriate.

When considering possible candidates, please bear in mind that the college seeks to recognize individuals for their record of scholarship, leadership, community and public service, accomplishments in professional areas, service to the college, or any combination of these attributes. The college endeavors to include among its honorees the widest possible range of diversity reflective of its values.

Please document any nomination you make with as much information as possible, but please limit such documentation to not more than five pages. Experience has shown that good (but not excessive) documentation makes a nomination more likely to be successful. Information requirements are listed below.

Because this is a confidential process, we ask that information regarding a nomination not be shared with the nominee or with any individual other than Honorary Degrees Committee members. While the receipt of all nominations will be acknowledged, the Committee is not at liberty to share its deliberations with anyone at any point in the process.

Nominators of successful candidates will serve as the main contact with the honoree prior to and during their visit to campus and will assist in writing the citation to be presented to the honoree by the President at the ceremony.

Electronic submission by e-mail is preferred. For electronic submissions, please forward ONE copy of your nomination and any accompanying materials to JFUSCO@RIC.EDU. If submitting a nomination by hard copy, please forward one original and six (6) copies of your nomination and any accompanying materials to Jane Fusco, Chair, Honorary Degrees Committee, Kauffman Center, lower level. All nominations must be received no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 23, 2009.

Nomination Form (Word Document)

Nomination Form (PDF)