Biology Seminar Series for fall 2009

Six lectures will be offered this fall in the Biology Seminar Series. Also, senior seminar presentations will be held from Nov. 25 to Dec. 9. The lectures will take place at 12:45 p.m. in Fogarty Life Science Building, room 050. (Lectures are offered with support from the College Lectures Committee.)

September 16
Marcie Marston from Roger Williams University will discuss her research in a talk titled “Evolutionary Ecology of Viruses in Narragansett Bay.”

September 23
Martha Grossel of Connecticut College will speak about her newest studies examining the diverse functions of factors previously thought to only be important for cell division. Her lecture, “Cdk6 Develops as a Factor in Differentiation,” will focus on the role of one of these proteins in the formation of certain neuronal cell types.

October 7
Gary Gillis of Mt. Holyoke College, whose recent research with undergraduates examines how organismal variation in size and shape affects the mechanics and physiology of muscles working to achieve locomotion, will give a talk titled “Addressing Unconventional Questions About Lizard and Frog Locomotion”.

October 21
Richard Primack of Boston University, whose research has been subject of many articles in the popular press including The Boston Globe, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal and who is the author of several textbooks including “Conservation Biology,” will recount some of his most recent research in a talk titled “Climate Change Comes to Thoreau's Concord: Effects on Plants and Birds.”

October 30
Richard Baker of UMASS Medical School will discuss his research using baker’s yeast to study the function of certain proteins required for the proper splitting of genetic material during cell division. His lecture is titled “Evolution and Function of the Centromere Proteins.”

November 18
Cynthia Jones of the University of Connecticut will present her research studying the ecological and evolutionary effects upon the diversity of structures and shapes among various plant species. “Stem Splitting and Beyond: Wood Density, Anatomy & Water Flow in Shrubs” is the title of her lecture.

November 25-December 9
Senior Seminar Presentations

Biology Seminar Series poster