Building 3 ribbon-cutting ceremony highlights renovations

Faculty, professional staff, students and community leaders gathered July 1 in the newly renovated Building 3 on the east campus for a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Funding for the renovations was provided through the use of $2,759,000 from the Higher Education Bonds, voted on by Rhode Island taxpayers in 2006.

Judge Frank Caprio, chairman of the Board of Governors for Higher Education, explained the reason for the renovations, which began in March, were to, “Open up the east campus as a more vibrant part of the college community.

“We were delighted to be charged with the responsibility. The entire college community is to be congratulated,” Caprio said.

The 9,385 square foot building now houses a contemporary Financial Aid Office on the upper level that RIC President Nancy Carriuolo called the, “Passport to higher education.”

Primary features of the renovated building include two state-of-the art classrooms with “smart classroom technology” that uses projection and multimedia capabilities to enhance the learning experience. The new east campus café is a modern and inviting area where students and staff can gather. Both are located on the lower level.

Joshua Laguerre, president of Student Community Government (SCG), said, “We are always looking for a site for students to go. With the support of the administration, it was a win-win.” SCG helped fund the furnishings for the new café. Donovan Dining Center provided the kitchen equipment.

The café features a modern food and beverage area and a glass-enclosed atrium. Outside, an informal patio allows students and faculty to enjoy the fresh air. Tabletops are being custom-designed with game boards to entertain students during breaks. Highlights of the café also include a flat screen TV and Wi-Fi access.

The ribbon cutting included one ribbon dedicated to the people involved in conceiving the plans for the renovations and the second for those who had a hand in making it happen.

Governor Carcieri, also speaking at the event, said, “You need a facility to work in, but at the end of the day, it’s about the quality of the people and their dedication.”

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