Graduate course on teaching creative writing at RIC this summer

Rhode Island College is offering a new graduate-level course – “Topics: Teaching Creative Writing” – from May 18 to June 24, Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-9 p.m. Three graduate credits are available.

The course will explore a variety of practical techniques for teaching creative writing at various levels, including generative writing exercises, writing to understand genre and the elements of imaginative prose and poetry, experiments with style, language precision, voice, character and scenic development.

In addition, the course will take up the pragmatic issue of grading, as well as consider theoretical issues such as the nature of imagination and creativity. Students should expect to learn by doing, producing their own imaginative writing throughout the course.

The course will be taught by Karen Lee Boren, associate professor at RIC and a fiction and literary-nonfiction writer who has been teaching creative writing in schools and the community for 15 years.

An undergraduate degree is required (though not necessarily in English). For further information, call Cathleen Calbert, director of creative writing, at (401) 456-8678 or (401) 456-8027. Visit the website at