New Paintings by Wendy Seller at Bannister Gallery

Artist Wendy Seller in Ireland. Photo courtesy of Wendy Seller.

Artist Wendy Seller in Ireland. Photo courtesy of Wendy Seller.


Bannister Gallery’s first exhibit of the spring season features the artwork of Wendy Seller, assistant professor of spatial dynamics at Rhode Island School of Design. This show, titled “Visual Metaphors: New Paintings by Wendy Seller,” integrates digital manipulation with traditional hands-on painting, using visual metaphor as a vehicle to address topics relevant to our time.

Seller said, “The day I recognized that the layering capabilities found within Photoshop and Illustrator directly paralleled my process as an oil painter, I found a means to bring greater depth to my work.”

Seller’s artistic investigations involve “visual language and a search for connections,” she said. “The back-and-forth process between hands-on painting and computer-generated digital manipulation provided a means for me to unleash more fluid, honest and personally reflective work.”

Seller’s layering technique might be compared to the art of collage, a method that dates back to the Dadaist movement, consisting of an assemblage of unrelated elements, such as newspaper clippings, bits of colored or handmade paper, portions of artwork and other found objects. Her latest works contain visual elements from a myriad of sources, including historical works of art, photographs taken during her travels, images excerpted from her own paintings and other references that spark her muse and add depth to her concepts.

Though viewers may be tempted to describe he approach as “digital collage,” the artist said that she “remains, at heart, a painter.” 

She said, “In some of these collaged compositions, I disguise my technical process by seamlessly integrating disconnected visuals, leaving the digital process undetectable. In other works, I expose and isolate digitalized elements to contemporize and animate the work.”

Her exhibit runs through Feb. 19, Tuesdays through Fridays, noon to 8 p.m., and is free and open to the public.

Seller’s solo exhibits include shows in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boca Raton. She recently returned from Ireland, a major source of inspiration for her work, where she collaborated with four painters/printmakers at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in County Mayo.